Sunday, January 4, 2009

This is Richard Gere

"Nothin' more appealing than a woman who's proud to be in her own body. "
-Dr. Sullivan "Sully" Travis aka Dr. T

We (Cory and I) are helping record American Buffalo's new full length album out in Georgia
We leave on Tuesday
A bit excited
Not looking forward to the drive (can't fly because we're bringing out a bunch of gear)
It shouldn't be that bad, though...
11-13 hours
Going to make some playlists for the drive... in a bit

Yeah, so we're going to be recording at this super sweet location out by a lake

Can't wait to party with Chad & Sarah (Highway Child)

And then it's off to NYC for a while

Speaking of Highway Child, please support our brand and purchase a pair (or all 3!) of our earrings
You can pick up a pair at an Urban Outfitters near you OR online on the UO website
(direct link)

T-Shirts and new website coming soon!

I was in Austin last night
I had so much fun
Got to hang out with Liz(who I had just partied with the night before), Brigitte (who I always have so much fun with) and her roommate Maggie (who is a total sweetheart!)
Partied pretty hard
Could have taken two (or ten) more shots, but we ran out of liquor and the bars were closed

My timing is so off
Maybe in 10 years

Houston, see you in a month/month&onehalf

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