Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tarot readings

are intense.

1. Base Card: Five of Cups- Disappointment
Your expectations for something were too high and you are now faced with disappointment over what you were once excited for.

2. Inhibiting or Encouraging Influences: Seven of Swords- Futility
You are now governed by low expectations and destructive thoughts. You are holding yourself back because you can't focus on a positive goal or situation to strive for.

3. Conscious Thoughts: Five of Swords- Defeat
You are beginning to become ready to accept your fear of defeat. Once you have truly understood what you associate with failure you can overcome it easily.

4. Subconscious Thoughts: Adjustment
Despite your current worries, deep in your mental state you are at peace. You have an inner balance that is not easily disturbed and will help you overcome distressing situations. When you need a moment of mental clarity you can always find it.

5. Past Influences: Three of Swords- Sorrow
In the past you have been involved with relationships full of jealousy that caused you depression. These experiences currently affect how you resolve your conflicts today. One potential source of this could have been a close relationship that was destroyed when a third party was introduced.

6. Future Influences: Five of Disks- Worry
In the future you will be able to see problems clearly and be ready to address them head on. You have been through problems like the ones you face now before and have endured through the pain of them long enough to have gained perspective. In the future you will have the power to deal with them more easily and decisively.

7. Yourself: The Ace of Cups
You are an open individual who believes in giving freely, but only to those who are equally giving in return. Your friendships are strongly based on mutual respect and honesty. You express yourself strongly as you are and are unwilling to bend to anyone.

8. Energy: The Moon
Your energy is best harnessed through your willingness to explore the unknown. You are ruled by your subconscious and nothing stifles you like familiarity and boredom. Your greatest strength is your ability to adapt and thrive in changing situations.

9. Hopes and Fears: The Queen of Wands
This card shows a queen who was once covered in darkness but now glows brightly. You hope to be able to share you success with those around you and fear that you will be blocked from doing so. You want to be the person who is full of life and brightness and fear being the one left out.

10. Result: The Prince of Wands
To overcome your problems you must completely accept that you already have everything you need to conquer anything you face. You must fully take on your challenges and know completely that you have the ability to succeed with them despite any underlying doubts you may have.

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