Friday, November 28, 2008

A: Whenever I hear the word culture, I bring out my checkbook.

B: Some years ago—some horrible years ago—the Nazis used to take out a pistol instead of a checkbook.

The ruling ideological class is the ruler of a world that has turned upside down
The more powerful the class, the more that it denies the world of it's existence, and its power is employed above all to enforce this claim
This is a complete denial of class distinction
It is only modest on this one point, because this officially nonexistent bureaucracy simultaneously attributes the crowning achievements of history to its own infallible leadership, while denying all responsibilities of its failures
Though its existence is everywhere in evidence, the bureaucracy must be invisible as a class
As a result, all social life becomes insane
This social organization based in total falsehood stems from this fundamental contradiction

We never came to a conclusion

"Oh. My. God. Like, let's do some blow and listen to Joy Division."

Last night, I killed a man in my dream

Last night, I killed a dream in a man

Give me a Hermes Birkin handbag and a 60" HD flat screen television, but deliver me from liberty

In my dreams I used to feel that I was being sucked into a huge hole
Now I feel I'm being scattered into a thousand pieces
Before, even if it was a slow process, I would wake up all in one piece
Now I'm afraid there will be pieces missing

Objects exist, and if we pay them more attention than we do people, it is because they exist more than those people
Dead objects live on
Living people are often dead already

Tonight's Music

Deerhunter - Microcastle
Jacques Brel - Ne Me Quittes Pas

Parker Lewis - Hjältar

No Age - Eraser
Chet Baker - Let's Get Lost

Townes Van Zandt - Waitin' Around To Die


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